Building a website isn’t the only thing to be proud of. The next and most important part of the website development phase is to make it reach the user’s fingers and that is where you start picking up the organic leads. This is what we call a website to be optimized for search engines. The key features of Search Engine Optimization are:

  • Setting up Meta Titles & Descriptions for the website pages.
  • Keyword Research and Development.
  • A well-organized URL Structure and Sitemap.
  • Content Optimization and Submission.


Search Engine Optimization, break down to the phasesand each phase is considered as a separate service type.


Our copywriting services include the process, in which we create clear, compelling copy to sell client’s products and general education for engaging customers. Its flexing and persuasive writing structure on web pages, blogs, product descriptions, emails, advertising banners, newsletters, whitepapers, PSAs, and social media platforms. Copywriting is the art that requires expert writing skills that also includes the ability to put together in a coherent phrase or sentence. Copywriting consists of the expertise in inspecting grammar, spellings, and punctuation. The copywriting material sells to the specific audience of our client.
Copywriting is essential to deliver quality content to a given deadline that requires excellent research skills and content understanding.

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A keyword analysis is a process of analyzing search phrases or keywords that attract and bring visitors to the website through organic search. For searching for marketing campaigns, keyword analysis is the starting point.The importance of the keyword analysis never fades because it enhances marketing abilities as marketing structure is analytic, and marketing performance is the key to bring optimization for marketing budget allocation to increase market reach.The keyword analysis permits organizations to optimize budget spend and eliminate waste spend. It increases conversions of the prospects, increases market share and reaches, provides insights into the market behavior and response, prioritizing time to improve the performance of the market, and finding gaps within the market and new market gaps.

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On-page SEO is the consistent optimizing web page practice for search engines and targeted users that includes title tags, content, internal links, and URLs. The optimization increases user experience, bouncing rate, search intent, page loading speed, and click-through rate. For on-page SEO, the keyword frequency plays an essential role and how frequently it appears in the content. For SEO-friendly URLs, they have to be short, include the keyword in every URL. On-page SEO also consists of a strong meta description that helps in results standing out that boosts organic CTR. Then, unique content brings something new such as a new strategy or tip, curated resource list, UX and robust design, and step-by-step streamlined content.

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One of the most crucial parts of Search Engine optimization is Off-page SEO that comprises all activities by staying away from the website to raise the ranking on search engines. Off-page SEO helps in link building and ensures optimizing internal pages using random keywords, doing the basic structure of on-page SEO, picking strong and thematic keywords to provide an accurate view of the page. The critical factors for optimizing Off-page SEO include impacting the ranking within search engine result pages, improving search engine rankings, creating site popularity, the relevance of the content, trustworthiness, authority, anchor text, backlinking, and freshness of the links.

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Competitor analysis plays a vital role in understanding where organizations stand. It also helps in getting stakeholder’s attention and trust, and figuring out the competition brings about clear and actionable steps and is easy to follow guidelines. Competitor analysis is always hard and confusing at times because most of the data acquisition is hard. With the maximum quality and quantity of the data, still, some questions remained unanswered.We provide competitor analysis to pick the right competitors of the organization, understand what aspects need to be addressed, how to find data and information, and where to seek and learn the use of industry insights to enhance business operations.

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Backlinks are the hyperlinks that link your webpage to another website. Backlinks are the most crucial factor to get a website of an organization to get recognized, and google uses backlinks for ranking the websites. Backlinks play a role of referrals, vouch, or votes, and they can be had these by either building your own by using social profiles, commenting on blogs, forum signature links, directory listings, and many more. Or they are earning it by getting links from blogging websites and many more.For a successful SEO campaign, evaluating link opportunities is the most critical skill, and knowing the factors that make the link useful, such as authority, relevance, and traffic, is crucial.

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At B.I. Marketing, we have a team of dedicated individuals who will make their best efforts in order to improve your chances of reaching potential customers or leads. Not only that, but we’ll also help you reduce the amount of money you are spending on your marketing.

The reason why it is a better idea to hire our SEO Services instead of trying to learn it on your own is that as you learn the basics of SEO, you’ll still be trying different strategies to see what works and whatnot, and inevitably making mistakes in the beginning. On the other hand, we already have experienced SEO writers who already have knowledge about how to make the right decisions for your site that will increase its ranking and visibility.

You don’t want to leave the success of your business on guesswork. And when done wrong, SEO can actually cause more damage than good.