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It is easy to come up with a business idea almost everyone at some point in their lives has thought of one. You may even be one of those rare individuals who manage to kick start their business and make it flourish in the beginning, you may not know exactly how to create a business plan to make your business thrive in the long run. The problem is that most people try to stick to the same plans and strategies as they try to increase their business, and avoid, or at least delay moving towards new learning and advanced areas of R&D, marketing researches and economic analysis, financial analysis, etc. So even if you do have some basic knowledge about creating a business plan yourself, it is always a good idea to hire a business plan consultant that will help you create a proper business plan for your company.


We at B.I. Marketing will do exactly that for you and so much more. If you plan to hire our dedicated team to manage your business plans, here is what we’ll do for you:

  • We will help you see your business in a more objective light. Sometimes business owners can struggle to see a clear picture of what is working for their benefit and what is not. We will help you avoid such pitfalls.
  • The business plan we create for you will be tailor-made based on the specific needs of your product or service. So don’t worry about having a template-structured strategy.
  • We will prevent you from overestimating your revenues and other figures, and help you boost your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of your investors.
  • With our experience in the field, we will help you revise or recreate your business plan with proper guidelines and a thorough internal and external analysis.
  • We will be providing analysis based on the 4 Ps of your company; Product, Placement, Promotion, and Price. This will be according to the internal and external conditions of your business.
  • We will cover the business canvas model including Customer Segmentation, Value prepositions, Channel management, what should be your key activities, who should be your key partners, what key resources are required, facilitation of your customer relationship management, as well as financials including revenue streams and cost structure.
  • As your business continues to thrive, we will help you constantly update and improve your business plan so it never gets stagnant.


The greatest benefit of hiring an external who is trained and experienced in this field is that they will help you identify the potential problems with your business that you may not be able to figure out yourself. And in the long run, this can prove to be very beneficial and save you from a lot of losses that could have been easily avoidable. So stop worrying about creating a business plan, and hire us so we can help your business reach its best potential.



A business plan is a written document that is focused on achieving the goals. The layout of the business plans shapes up marketing aspects, financial aspects, human resource aspects, and operational aspects.

We develop business plans for both new entrants and existing ones.

These business plans objectify the attraction of further investment and harnessing it. For a new organization, it’s a healthy initiative towards growth and enhancing business activities, but for existing ones, it is the time to evolve and revisit the existing business plan.

We create a viable and robust plan that outlines all costs and achievement tracks, and our clients stick to it by considering it as an integral and undeniable part.

  • Executive Summary Writing

The executive summary is a precise introduction and overview of the business plan. It provides a description of the client’s business, resolution of the issue, target market, and financial insights.

The executive summary is short, and objectified attracts investors and bankers about the business, and portrays clear selling points. We write for the client’s pitch of the business plan.

  • Industry Research and Analysis

Our industry research and analysis would provide you the insights of the industry and competitive analysis. We are evaluating the presentation of the products, services, value proposition, sales funnels, and sales conversion.

The industry analysis also includes the assessment of advertising and marketing strategies and SWOT analysis that includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The research analysis report indicators would provide insights into the gaps where the organization can further make strategies.

  • Primary Research – Survey-Based Research

The primary research is survey-based research when secondary data either is not available or secondary data is not reliable. We define objectives and identify the target population to extract the necessary information.

Our primary research is quantitative-based research that targets to collect specified, and this market research helps to make smart decisions about business operations and increasing revenue.

  • Secondary Research – Internet-Based Research

Secondary research is market-based research that defines the target market, needs of the market, and size of the market. Some of the secondary data is available through different resources, but to gathering more data, we use the ideal medium of internet and social media.

Secondary research helps in determining the primary research hypothesis, identifying the solution for issues in hand and reference to measure fundamental research accuracy.

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We develop marketing plans for our clients when they need to understand its importance for their business growth as it is the outline of the whole marketing strategy for the specified period.

Our marketing plan emphasizes the overview of the business marketing and advertising goals, market positioning details of the business, the timeline is settled for the completion of the tasks, tracking of the key performing indicators (KPIs), and identifying the target market of the business and customer needs.

While developing marketing plans for clients, we focus on target customers, unique selling proposition, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, unique offering strategy. It also focuses on printed materials, advertising and promotion, social media strategy, referral strategy, customer retention strategy, and yearly financial, budgetary projections.

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We develop a Human Resource Plan (HRP) for our clients. When they need to understand the growth patterns of their business and the increasing need of right people for the right job as HRP is the continuous and systematic process to get optimum use of their highest valuable asset, which is the employees.

We develop a strategy for our clients to ensure the avoidance of the human resources shortage, and they get the best fit between employees and jobs. Our Human resource plan comprises of workforce supply, forecasting workforce demand, a balance between forecasted human resource with its quantity, and how strong it supports the organizational goals.

The HRP benefits in the productivity and profitability of the client, that helps further in projecting the client’s needs.

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Most of the plans become less useful if a robust operational plan is not devised. We also design an operational plan for our clients to make them realize that it outlines who, what, when, and how daily operations will be performed in a yearly timeline.

The operational plan also makes regular use of financial and physical resources and be allocated smartly to achieve short-term milestones. This whole completes the grand canvas of year-based operations and how broader strategic objectives are met.

While devising an operational plan for clients, we focus on few crucial concerns like working responsibilities, resource allocation, risks and risk management, strategic planning, goal priorities, leading indicators, and communication internally and externally.

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We also develop a financial plan for our clients to create a roadmap or comprehensive picture that focuses on current available finances, financial capacity generation, business goals, and strategies.

While devising a financial plan for our clients, we address their cash flow and its management, savings and equity, debt servicing, investment portfolios, and all other elements that are related to the financial working and health of our clients.

While developing financial plans for our clients, we create financial milestones and goals, narrowing the track of the money and directing it towards goals, emergencies, and contingency strategy, interest servicing on debts. It also includes investment and reinvests strategies for building saving pools and moat building to protect long-term financial ability to maintain a competitive advantage over the competition.

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Pitch deck provides a brief presentational overview to investors with a brief overview of the business. If our client is looking for financing and more investment from investors, we develop pitch deck presentation that comprises of three single pitch deck factors including it should be clear and straightforward, it should be compelling and easy to act upon.

The whole pitch deck presentation details various aspects including identifying problems, filling market gaps, concise, clear and scalable solution for the challenge, market and market profitability patterns, Products and its value offerings, traction and monthly growth pattern, operational team, competition, and its analysis, financial position and standing and raising financial needs.

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We provide services to the clients to create documentation, designing, and formalization, for productivity and competitiveness. It is the formal document designing that is dependent upon the scope of the process, defining the inputs and outputs and prospective audience. It also includes information gathering, structuring information and data, visualizing the whole process, sharing the process and feedback, optimizing the procedure, monitoring the process, and sharing again.

Document designing is the core process where the organizations decide communication processing internally and externally. Through formalization, they structure it to be a standard, and that helps organizations to understand the communication gaps and creating a formal bridge to fill the gaps.


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Organizations are increasingly looking into genuinely the functions of Contract developments because they effectively pin the operational benefits that are gained through smart negotiations.
To active contract development, where smart negotiation is the key, we create contractual benefits. Organizations are expected to keep hold and manage the ability to balance their liabilities, create protection against termination impacts, and ensure legally compliant contracts.
With our contract development services, we bring these advantages and benefits to the organizations that are our clients. From the negotiations process to finalize the hiring process, we provide smart options in the contract development to balance between both organization and human resource management that helps them to formalize the contractual agreements that are legally compliant.

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We provide proposal development that is a response to the buyer’s needs and requirements satisfaction. The proposal development process for clients ensures the best possible options to satisfy the needs and requirements of the buyers.
Our whole process of proposal development encompasses statement of the needs and requirements, the goal or mission statement, the indication of the objectives, the descriptive methodology defining how the objectives will be targeted, and met or test of hypothesis based on the needs and requirements.
Furthermore, formative or summative evaluation by defining how the proposal will be finalized and accomplished and finally concluding by future projections. The benefit of developing a proposal is that the need to meet the requirements of the buyer are realized and made it possible to achieve.

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By concept statement or business plan summary, we bring about a very brief detail of the client’s business, the issues that are resolved, the products and services, and value offerings. It also includes the target market, the gap of the market, and financial insights that create the reader’s attention about what the client is doing business, and why the reader should read the summary.
Our concept statement/business plan summary attracts financial institutions, venture capitalists, investors, to invest capital in the form of debts or equity financing. Our business plan summary depicts investment and business opportunity, and it is focused precisely on the clear statement of the future projections.

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Branding booklet is an outline of the client’s brand mission, brand name, the outline of the brand story, images, logos, core values, brand’s very identity, and a DNA blueprint with layers of descriptions. We also include the brand purpose and details regarding the color scheme and fonts.

With all these factors combined, a comprehensive branding booklet is ready for the client. The purpose of the branding booklet is to demonstrate the client’s internal and external customers a clear vision of the organization and its products.

Our designed branding book helps our client to make and keep things in structure and display the complete imaging of the brand to the client, and also it helps to keep things clear for designers.

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Company profiling is the professional summary of the client’s business and all its activities. The sole purpose of developing a company profile is to raise capital needs, win the investor’s trust, information to the client’s customers, and raising the confidence of the stakeholders.

While developing a company profile for the client, and we include business details such as company name, established date, address or location, contact details, web address, and email address.

We include the client’s basics such as business description, product and service description, history, expansion, growth, public relations, advertising, industry information, safety and environmental policies, core team details, and client’s portfolio.

To provide the projections of the business, we also include annual sales, financial targets, employee strength, partners, and images to portray the client’s overall portfolio.

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To provide virtual assistance to our clients is a service we do remotely. In this digital era, where remotely maximum services are provided, virtual support to our clients is a highly valued service.

Virtual assistance services to our online clients are not limited to clerical works but also include online marketing services, graphic designing services, publication designs, business development services, and digital marketing services.

Because of the recent advancement in technology, the need for virtual Assistants has increased. Virtual assistant services save time, money, effort, and cost, and most online organizations are outsourcing their internal processes that give time to our clients to invest their time in focusing on other aspects of the business.

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Editing and proofreading services relate to correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation while taking language in preference, and editing improves the overall quality of the work. We prepare various kinds of documents for our clients, and they need to be checked thoroughly to bring qualitative work.

Proofreading is the science where we inspect the client’s documents for language errors, and editing is the art of creating quality work.

Both categories require extensive knowledge and experience, and our team of experts is well versed. By providing editing and proofreading services, we make sure that the meaning, sense, and ideas presented are understandable to the audience.

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